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The Abilene ISD Supplemental Music Lesson Program provides students with the most effective opportunity to improve their musical ability through private study with an instructor specializing in their instrument.  Unlike the larger band classes, which are designed to teach fundamental skills to multiple students, private lessons allow each student to receive custom-tailored instruction to develop his or her specific needs.  Lessons last approximately 25 minutes and cost ranges from $10-$22 based on the instructor’s level of certification (outside the schools, lesson costs can range from $30-$150 per lesson!).  Our AISD Fine Arts Department screens all private instructors  and requires that all instructors undergo regular criminal background checks in the interest of safety.

Private music lessons are not required for your child to participate in band, but are highly encouraged.  Most advanced students do study privately.  Lessons are intended to be enrichment and will actually become the primary focus of each student’s practice and development.  The earlier students start lessons, the more benefit gained from taking lessons.  Private lessons are not a part of your child’s grade.

Every effort is made to place any student desiring supplemental music lessons with an approved teacher.  If a teacher is not available, the student’s request for lessons will be kept on file until an approved instructor is available.

Private teachers maintain their own schedules and handle their own payments.  Some lessons may be scheduled during your child’s band class or before or after school depending on the instructor’s schedule.  Once a student is signed up for private lessons, they are expected to continue with lessons.  If the student wishes to discontinue lessons, the student’s parents must provide two weeks notice to the private instructor.  Each private teacher will provide more information about scheduling and payment.  Private lesson scholarships are available for students with financial need, including short-term assistance.  Contact Mrs. Moore for more information about lesson scholarship availability and criteria for qualification.

Please click here for a list of our approved private teachers with their contact information.

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